Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Homework 31 July

Homework 31 July:
Chinese textbook page 26, 29 30, 31
Chinese spelling
ADMT check Edmodo
English letter writing
Tell me ifI missed out anything.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Homework for 26/7/13

Homework for 26/7/13

Task1:完成课本pg15 第3题(从课本中找出答案)
口试2(地铁占座-updated version)
(二)email writing私人电邮-与父母的矛盾

Finish the letter writing template by tuesday
Finish the comprehension by wednesday

Post the video of the activity we did today

Complete the math worksheet given out yesterday if you have not completed.

Please comment if i had missed out or stated some things wrongly. Thank you :)

4 Digital Citizenship 20130726 Who's Interested in ME ? (group)

As a group complete the activity assigned to your group.
Discuss and explicate the key points from your discussion and post as a group entry.

------------------------------------------------------------------------GROUP 1
Based on the previous discussion on cyber issues ... Suggest strategies on how would you protect yourself in the cyberspace from these motives?

------------------------------------------------------------------------GROUP 2

Read the following scenario and extract key points on the following questions:
(1) why is the cause of the crime?
(2) what could be done to prevent the crimes from happening?

------------------------------------------------------------------------GROUP 3

Read the following scenario and extract key points on the following questions:

(1) what is the cause of the crime?

(2) what could be done to prevent the crimes from happening?

------------------------------------------------------------------------GROUP 4
Identify at least 3 rules that we could enforce in S104 to protect ourselves in cyberspace.

3 Digital Citizenship 20130726 Who's Interested in ME ?

Websites are collecting your personal data online and use it for various reasons.
What are their motives?

Watch the following video and reflect on the underlying issues.
Are you aware?

2 Digital Citizenship 20130726 Who's Interested in ME ?

Activity 2a: My thoughts ...

working in pairs or threes ...
explain what is cyberspace.

Activity 2b: Reflect and Discuss

Post your responses as comment.
1.Why do these websites have to increase website traffic?
2.Do you trust the information / activities mentioned on these websites? why?

T3W4 Cyberwellness Lesson - Feedback Form

Dear Students

The lesson that you went through was designed by the Guidance Branch of the MOE (Student Development Curriculum Division), and piloted in several schools before rolling out to schools in Singapore.

Your feedback will therefore help the team to fine-tune and improve the lesson before they are implemented in all schools in Singapore. There is no right or wrong answer. Your honest response will be helpful to the team.

Click HERE to give feedback of the lesson.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

1 Digital Citizenship 20130726 Who's Interested in ME ?

Activity 1:  CHECKING IN
Post your responses as comment.

   What is one social media platform or online game you are currently actively participating?
    How did you first know and get into it?
    What could have caused you to be so actively involved?
    What are the different activities you are doing in the cyber space?

note that monday english period will be replaced by s&w.
Post up first draft of report onto IRS group blog. 
Science ws do over the weekend. 
Maths worksheet.
do up till pg 9 of workbook
page 15 of chinese textbook.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Homework 24 july 2013

Homework for today
ADMT slides 6,7,8 the slides miss tina wil post on edmodo
IRS research justification by tmrw 
English Situational writing
Comment if I missed anything 

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Homework for today

Homework for Today


-Finish up all the designs for parachutes


- Finish the worksheet on frequency tables

Monday, 22 July 2013

Homework 22/7/13

-Draw more sketches for shape-borrowing.
-Complete english situational writing table.
-Finish up 13-2 Water E-Journal
-Watch FLOW - For Love Of Water here ( and complete IH E-Journal about it if you can.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Homework For Today (15/7/13)

- Miss Seah's Class:
Transcript of Interviews (due tomorrow)
Film more interviews (due next week)
- Mr Irfan's Class:
Do the tasks on Edmodo (due 9pm today)
Bring a user-friendly item (due tomorrow)
Interview more people (due next week)
Group Advertisment (due tomorrow)
Double of the Advertisment question for those who didn't complete their work (due tomorrow)
Continue doing the workbook as much as you can
Textbook page 9
Chinese Oral Presentation (due tomorrow)
Refer to Class Blog (due next monday)
Decorate the Balls and complete the hope list (due next monday)
Please get your groupings done for PT (due tomorrow)
60 sec video to show that "your cause is worth fighting for" (due thursday)

Racial Harmony

Activity 1
Please read the following articles:

Article 1:

Article 2:

Article 3:

Activity 2
As a Group:

Identify the following roles:
  • a social worker who has had experience counselling youths;
  • a concerned parent; 
  • an educator;
  • a non-Singaporean living in Singapore who is considering raising his family here and taking up Singapore citizenship; and,
  • the news editor / blogger who published the article / issue. 

Friday, 12 July 2013

Homework for 12 July

Here's todays HW. I had CCA so it's kinda late
1. Science Speed HW 
If I missed anything out, please let me know. :)

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Homework for 11 July

Hey guys, this is the homework for today :D
1. English individual Advertisement questions due next Monday
2. English group creating advertisement due next Tuesday
3. Chinese Oral redo by Monday
4. Chinese Textbook page 8 due tomorrow
5. IRS 60 sec video
If I miss anything out, please let me know! :)

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Homework for 10 July 2013

1) English - Create an advertisement
2) Math - Get a survey topic to do
3) Math - Facebooking on Sunday 
3) I&E - CPS Report
4) IH - Performance Task

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Homework for 9 July 2013

Hey guys,here's the homework for today: 

Admt: Post the mock interview (for Mr Irfan's class)
Plot graph for Physics and post the pictures on Google sites 
Worksheet for Chinese students 
Bring advertisement for English 
I think that's all. Please comment if I missed anything out. :)

Friday, 5 July 2013

Weekend Homework for 5th July 2013 (Friday)

Homework for the weekend:

Physics - Worksheet 2: Speed (Pg 2), Homework 1: Physical Quantities and Units (Whole Thing)

English - Bring an advertisement

Chinese - 看图说话 (check the Chinese FB group), Memorise the first 20 成语 and the meaning (test on Tuesday)

ADMT - Questions to ask (Interview)

IRS - Big Idea (Check the last slide of the Keynote slides)

IH - Performance Task

I&E - CPS Report