By Mr Johari


Class goals
  • Be the best that One can be
  • Going from strength to strength (in intellectual pursuit and character development)


  • Respect : Respect others how you would like to be respected
  • Responsibility : Exercise your choices judiciously (with good judgement) and know the consequences
  • Relationship : Be socially aware on how your behaviour would affect others
  • Reflection : Take time to reflect at the end of the day. we are not infallible to wrong judgements but the most important thing is to make restitution and move on.

PEN MY THOUGHTS on the following: (key in your responses as a comment - please begin with your name and number your responses according to the question number)
  1. What are the most important values to me? Why?
  2. What are the things that irked me so much?
  3. How can I be someone that exemplifies a good student of SST? (refer to 10Cs)
  4. How to make S104 an awesome teaching and learning space?
  5. What do you expect to see in a great teacher?

We aim to be the most AWESOME class by, ...

1. we MUST submit our assignments, projects on time. RESPONSIBILITY
So that ALL students have an EQUAL as well as MAXIMISED learning opportunities. ;)

2. We must put in our very best in each assignment. Each assignment MUST be better than the previous assignment. If otherwise, we will do REFLECTION.
So that EVERYONE knows and learns from his or her mistakes and NEVER repeats the same mistakes again.:D

3. By the end the first month, EVERYBODY has to display the 4'R's -Respect, Responsibility, relationship and reflection.
As well as the values the school has inculcated in us; 
                                Community, Dynamism, and Resilience
So that we get REALLY GOOD reports from teachers talking about positive things as well as succeed in being the MOST AWESOME class. And NOT to receive complaints from teachers. 

4. Our behaviour:
     - Not childish, AND display a sense of MATURITY
     - WILL uphold the excellent name of our class (because we are awesome)
     - Display RESPECT to the teachers and seniors and staff or ANY member of the SST    community and not give them a chance to complain against us. (EVEN members of public)

4.We must, of course and MOST certainly, 
                                       BE THE MOST AWESOME CLASS!!! Go Columbus!!! 



  • Responsibility: Always charge the LDs to 100% full before coming to school
  • Respect: Always be socially aware and respect others even in cyber space.
  • Safety: When charging LDs in classrooms, preferably leave the LDs at the side benches (if device is not used in class); else be very careful of the cables hanging all over the place which could be a hazard for both student & LD
  • Security: When not in use and gg.pg4.ggstudents are leaving for another venue that does not require the LD (e.g. Sports & Wellness lesson, recess), they must lock the LD in their locker. They must not share their passcode (logging into LD or to open their locker) with anyone, even their best friend.  
  • MOE Cyberwellness frameworkSST Cyberwellness framework

PEN MY THOUGHTS on the following: (key in your responses as a comment - please begin with your name and number your responses according to the question number)
  1. What defines a good Digital Citizen?
  2. What should I do to be an exemplary Digital Citizen?
  3. Identify 4 fundamental rules that the class must observe at all times as Digital Citizens.


  1. 1.
    -I think the value "reflection" is the most important value as everybody is due to make mistakes. So we should always take some time to reflect on what we did wrong so we wont make the same mistakes again next time.

    -Queuing up, standing in extreme heat and getting soaked from head to toe with my clothes on irks me a lot. :)

    -I think I should learn how to collaborate well with my classmates as there will be a lot of projects in the future. But in order to to collaborate well with them, I must have good communication skills. Also, if I have a good and creative idea to solve a problem, I should have confidence in myself and tell the group about it. If my idea is rejected, I should not be too upset but intend, I should reflect on what is wrong with the idea and try to improve on it.

    -When we want to say our points of views, we should raise our hands first. If everybody starts shouting across the room, it will be very noisy and chaotic.

    -I think a GREAT teacher should be caring, understanding and most of all, willing to give time for students to change after making mistakes.

    Bryan Goh~

  2. 2.
    -A good digital citizen should always think carefully before texting or posting something like when you think before you say something to someone in reality. He/she would not want the receiver to get hurt.

    -Also, if we want others to respect our privacy, we should respect their privacy too. Posting an embarrassing photo or forwarding a friend’s private text without asking can cause unintended hurt or damage to others.

    1. if you wouldn’t say something in person, don’t say it online
    2. respect others' privacy
    3. think before texting or posting something
    4. no cyber-bullying

  3. Mohamad Taufiq
    1 The most important value to me is respect. When i was in primary school i had a friend who was disrespectful. He always answered lazily and as if he couldn't be bothered and the teacher got angrier and so would he because he thought it was unfair. So respect is a very delicate value that is not easy to learn. It's all about how you answer not what you answer. it always irked me too how ingorant people are to that (i'm not saying people from 104 you guys are fine) which answers question 2.

    3. This is a hard one because some Cs can collide with each other in certain situations. Perhaps i could always think of the 10Cs all the time, but the main thing is to know which applies in which situations.

    4.less homework (ACCORDING TO MY FATHER((HE'S JUST JOKING))). Well perhaps we could teach and learn outside the box by utilising things outside the class, the field, the hall, even the school fence, use anything for anything.

    5.i expect to see a teacher who stays true to what he says. i had a teacher last year who would always threaten that she would call our parents or that the principal could walk past the class at anytime but she never called anybody and the principal never walked past, then the class started misbehaving worse because they knew they would never get in trouble. Also a good teacher would always always always ask before assuming in situations where a student has been perceived by said teacher to misbehave. he could have been talking while you were talking, and you could have scolded, but he could have been talking about how he has a nosebleed then you would feel sort of guilty.

  4. What are the most important values to me? Why?
    - I think Responsibility is of utmost importance as if we do not take charge of what we have done, good or bad, others may be blamed for what they did not do. Therefore, Responsibility should be our first priority.

    What are the things that irked me so much?
    - Sweating on a very hot day makes my shirt smelly and sticky. That irks me a lot.

    How can I be someone that exemplifies a good student of SST? (refer to 10Cs)
    - I should have confidence and courage during lessons or other activities so that I participate more in them. I should also collaborate and communicate more with my friends during group work. I should be more curious about the lessons at school and think critically and creatively when doing school work.

    How to make S104 an awesome teaching and learning space?
    What do you expect to see in a great teacher?
    - We should raise our hands if we want to go to the toilet or keep quiet when the teacher is talking. In my opinion, I think a teacher should be willing to help students whenever they need help and should be a forgiver to be a great teacher.

  5. taufiq part 2
    1. a good digital citizen is defined by his ability to understand how you feel because on the web we can only type, no one can tell by how we type whether it's in anger or in happiness. So a good digital citizen must always analyse the wording and assess the person's feelings. Also we must phrase what we post very carefully too.

    2. basically it's the same thing as question 3 in the first pen my thoughts. so just use your 10 Cs or your 4 Rs or whatever number of whatever letter which stands for whichever value and choose the appropriate ones. i'm not being lazy and just typing the same thing, i really feel this way.

    3. Always be careful when saying that someone else is wrong becuase you might be wrong, if you aren't than say it nicely and turn it into constructive criticism. Stay as quiet as possible on any social platform. the more you say the better the chance of people knowing too much of you. When in doubt, google unless you're not allowed too. don't just ignore those who criticise because they may be right. so change from those words, which can be hard...

  6. What defines a good Digital Citizen?
    - A good digital citizen should know the good and bad habits on the internet. For example, a good citizen should not post any threatening comments about other people or things.

    What should I do to be an exemplary Digital Citizen?
    - I should know what to do when someone asks me about my personal information and when someone posts something bad about me.

    Identify 4 fundamental rules that the class must observe at all times as Digital Citizens.
    - Do not post racist/hurting comments.
    - Be smart and do not vent your anger online.
    - Think before you type.
    - Do not threaten to do anything to anyone.

  7. Kimberly Tan
    Q1. Respect. I feel that without respect, nothing will be done as we will not pay attention to instructions and do it correctly.
    Q2. I get irritated when people lie as it complicates matters and procrastinate because I like to get things done on/before the deadline.
    Q3. I must always have the 10Cs in my mind so my behaviour will show what all SST students are like.
    Q4. Everyone must give their 100%, always pay attention to the speaker and finish tasks by the deadline.
    Q5. A great teacher will have patience, love for the subject so we'll find the lesson interesting and is able to motivate us through hard times.
    Q1. A good digital citizen never insults anyone online and does not reveal their passwords
    Q2. I should not insult/bully anyone online, never reveal my passwords and not spend too much time online.
    Q3. We must never cyber bully anyone, not spend too much time online, use the internet for appropriate reasons and never reveal our passwords.

  8. Lynette Tan
    Part 1-
    1. To me, I feel that reflection is the most important. We are all humans, we will make mistakes, and it is ok to make them as long as we don't repeat them and the only way to do so is to reflect and learn from our mistakes.
    2. In general, I don't like it when people disturb or interrupt me when I'm doing something. If you need to talk to me, please wait till i'm done with what I'm doing.
    3. I think I should improve on my communication skills because if I don't get the message across correctly then everyone will not do things correctly and we will not be able to collaborate well. Also, I will need to be more confident in speaking up, so that my ideas will be heard. Of course, I should also display the rest of the 10Cs but I think these are the few Cs that I need to work more on.
    4. Everyone should always give their 100% in everything they do and participate more actively. We should also pay attention in class, not just to what the teacher is saying but also to what our classmates are saying. We should also have mutual respect for one another, like if someone is talking we should listen to them and not do our own things.
    5. I think a great teacher will try to make lessons as interesting as possible to develop our interest in the subject. Also, a great teacher should be more understanding towards some pupils(like me because maths is not exactly my best subject and I'm quite "sotong" ^^)
    Part 2-
    1. A good digital citizen is someone who is aware of what he/she is doing online/offline. example, when online, he/she should not posting hurtful/racist comments. and when offline, he/she should not reveal his/her password to anyone.
    2. I should be aware of what I am doing and think before posting anything. Example, Will this offend anyone? etc.
    3. a) THINK before we do anything
    b) NEVER cyber bully anyone or post hurting comments
    c) NEVER reveal our passwords to anyone(except our parents)
    d) NEVER vent our anger online

  9. Luke


    1.I think that the most important value to me is reflection,as we will all make mistakes but when we reflect on it we will know what went wrong and we will be able to correct ourselves in the future and not make the same mistake and we will also be able to find out how to improve ourselves.

    2.I don't like it when I am trying to say something but people are talking and not listening especially when I am in front of a large group of people as I will feel discouraged.(I admit that at times I don't listen but I think we should all exercise respect and remind each other to listen when other people are talking.)

    3.I think that I need to have the courage to stand and talk in front of a crowd,have confidence that my answers are correct,to have creativity when I am doing work and have good communication skills when doing group work.

    4.I think that everyone should listen when someone is talking and raise their hands if they want to ask a question or say something,also we should give our 100% in everything we do and maybe the homework could be written for us to copy so that we won't forget and remember to hand in the homework on time.

    5.I think a great teacher should be kind and understanding and have patience as some pupils (me) may not be so good at certain subjects(maths) also a great teacher should be able to explain until the students understand.


    1.I think a good digital citizen is someone who does not post comments that are hurtful to other people,does not cyber-bully
    and does not share passwords with other people including his/her best friend.

    2.I think to be an exemplary digital citizen I need to respect other people and not ask them for their passwords or peek when they are typing them,I also need to be responsible and log off from my account and not give my password to anyone.

    3.Never cyber bully
    Never share passwords
    Remember to log off from your account
    Always think before you post anything

  10. Sabrina Fernandez (104 Policy)
    Part 1:

    1. The most important value in my opinion is respect. Respect is what everyone should have, regardless of age or power. Without respect, their will be no order, no collaboration and no one will be able to speak from their own point of view.
    2. Cutting people off when they are speaking or accusing them to be incorrect before they are done irks me a lot.
    3. I think I should communicate and collaborate more with my classmates or partners in project work or activities. I think I should also have courage and confidence in participating in class activities or voicing out opinions. I should also be more creative in my work and think critically.
    4. We should take turns speaking and not interrupt someone when they are speaking. If we really have to interject, we should raise our hands and politely wait to be acknowledged.
    5. I think great teacher should be a little lenient not punishing a student at his or her first mistake, and should be understanding and willing to offer help when students need help.

    Part 2:

    1. A good digital citizen should know the difference between good and bad digital habits. They always think well before they post something and do not vent their anger in uppercase on the internet.
    2. We should never reveal my passwords, never type in uppercases and always ask peoples' permission before posting their pictures online.
    3. -Never reveal passwords
    -Don't threaten people online
    -Don't post obscene things online
    -Never post sexist/racist things.

  11. Ryan Ng
    Part 1.

    1.The most important value to me is respect. Respect is the most important value to me as if we do not respect each other, the world will be very chaotic and no one will agree with one another. There will not be any harmony in the world and everyone will be living a very lonely life.

    2.What irks me very much is when there is a discussion in a large group and when everyone is trying to give their opinion or suggestions at the same time but no one is listening, as a result we are just being very noisy and may not get the best answer.

    3. I think that i have to have the courage to voice out my thoughts, wait for people to finish what they want to say before interrupting them, and try to think of more than one solution to solve a question.

    4. I think that when one person is talking, everyone must keep quiet and listen to that person and we must always give our best to complete our homework and hand it up in time. We must also contribute as much as we can to class or group discussions.

    5. I think that a good teacher should try his best to help his students and also try not to punish the students when they make mistakes unless the make the same mistakes repeatedly.

    Part 2.

    1. A good digital citizen is one that does not post hurtful comments on the web to hurt his/her friends or anyone. He/she must also make sure that he/she must not do anything illegal on the web.

    2.I should never tell strangers on the web any personal information and never reveal me password to anyone other than my parents, not even my closes friends. I should also never ask anyone for any password.

    1. Always think if you would hurt anyone's feeling before posting anything online.
    2. Never download anything illegal from the web.
    3. Never go to anywhere on the web where you are not supposed to go, however, if you accidentally went to one, we must immediately quit.
    4. Do not type in Capital letters online as that means shouting.

  12. Part 1:

    1. I think reflection is the most important value as every one makes mistakes. In order to not repeat the mistake again, one must reflect on what he/her done wrong. In that way the he/her would become a better person.
    2. Wooing at another person when he/she sharing an idea irks me as everyone should be given a chance to share their ideas and wooing them especially in mass would cause them to lost their confidence.
    3. I could be more patient with my peers and other people at all times, be more conscious of my surroundings, and have 100% commitment to my school work.I will also work more on my 10cs too.
    4. Pay attention in class, be confident enough to voice out my thoughts and respect others at all times.
    5. A great teacher would care for his students, let them have time and guide them to change for the better, but be very firm when necessary.

    Part 2:

    1. A good digital citizen should know what is classified as a good digital habit and what is classified as a bad one and always think before acting in cyberspace.
    2. We should always safeguard our passwords, do not post any inappropriate materials, visit any inappropriate websites and report any wrong doings in cyberspace immediately.
    3.Never reveal confidential data.
    Respect others opinions.
    Never post inappropriate materials online.
    Respect others, never ignore their rights.

  13. Part 1:
    1. I think responsibility is the most important as we need to be responsible in order for others to trust us.
    2. When I remember to bring something before packing my bag but forget about it when I'm packing my bag.
    3. Ask about anything and everything.
    4. Everyone give opinions when we are supposed to plan an activity or something similar.
    5. I think a great teacher should be understanding

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  15. Part 1:

    1. All of the values are extremely important but respect is the most important value to me. Without respect for our classmates, teachers, work cannot be done.

    2. When people interrupt me or others when we're talking or in the middle of explaining something, it irks me because I feel we should all respect each other. When we don't listen to each other, everything becomes chaotic and nothing gets done.

    3. I can be more committed to my schoolwork and be more confident when sharing ideas with others. Collaboration is also very important as we should all work together as a class in order to achieve something.

    4. When one person is sharing his/her ideas, we should all listen. We should also take the initiative to volunteer ideas for group projects/discussions.

    5. A great teacher would be caring and approachable, be able to teach the subject in a way that students will enjoy. A great teacher would also be understanding when we don't understand something and have the patience to explain it.

    Part 2:

    1. A good digital citizen realizes that they should treat people in the virtual world like how they would in real life. They would think before they post anything online.

    2. I should always keep my password safe even from my best friends, not go to any inappropriate websites and always consider others' feelings before posting anything.

    3. Treat others the way you would want to be treated
    Never post any offensive/inappropriate materials
    Don't reveal personal information
    Don't type in capital letters
    Never do anything that you will regret later

  16. Part 2:
    1. Not cyber-bully others, treat others like how you want them to treat you.
    2. Pretty much the same as the first point: Not cyber-bully others, treat others like how you want them to treat you.
    3. Think before we do anything, not reveal personal information, respect others and never share passwords.

  17. Nehal Janakraj


    1) To me, 'Reflection' is the most important value as everyone makes mistakes. It is our responsibility to reflect over what we have done in order to avoid making the same mistakes and be a better person.

    2) Interrupting me while I am talking really irks me. We should respect the person who is talking, just like how a class must respect the teacher when he/she is talking. If you want to say something, wait until I am done talking, then you may talk.

    3) I must always remember the 10Cs of SST. By remembering them, I will exemplify a SST student.

    4) We should always help our classmates when they need help academically or anything. Helping our classmates bonds the class together. Also, we should always respect anyone who is talking and never interrupt.

    5) A great teacher would be someone who truly cares about the students and never give up on them. He/She must really be dedicated to the class and teach with passion. The teacher must also always be ready to help the students if they encounter any problems.


    1) A good digital citizen is someone who really thinks twice before doing posting or texting to someone. He/She must use proper language while texting them. He/She must also not cyber-bully anyone or hack into anyone's account.

    2) I will never cyber-bully anyone, never reveal any personal information to anyone, respect them by not typing all caps when texting them. and I will also manage my time wisely when using the computer/LD as it is not good if I get addicted to it.

    3) Do not reveal personal information, respect everyone by not typing all caps, think twice before we act and manage our time when using computers or LD.

  18. Aliff Qayyum
    part 1
    What are the most important values to me? Why?
    I think that responsibility is the most important value. It is something we face everyday. And as you get older you have to take responsibility for more things. As the great Spiderman said, with great power comes great responsibility. Responsibility also is a very wide value, as you have to take responsibility for your actions, yourself and your belongings.

    What are the things that irked me so much?
    Being bored half the time.

    How can I be someone that exemplifies a good student of SST? (refer to 10Cs)
    A good student will follow all of the 10c's according to the situation if possible. They will also ha

    How to make S104 an awesome teaching and learning space?
    Have both the teachers and students respect each other.

    What do you expect to see in a great teacher?
    Kindness firmness and awesome

  19. What defines a good digital citizen ?
    Firstly , lets look at what being a digital citizen means . Digital in reference to our topic , is virtual . According to the dictionary , a citizen is a legally recognized subject or national of a state or commonwealth, either native or naturalized , but basically a digital citizen is someone who uses the internet . Good digital citizenship is about the norms of appropriate, responsible technology use. Thus , a good digital citizen is someone who uses technology responsibly , a person who doesnt abuse it or use it wrong things . In this case , our technology is out learning device . We cannot abuse it in the sense that we cant play any games on it because its not called a gaming device - its called a learning device . Next , digital citizenship has to do with what we do on the internet . On the internet , there are many dangers such as scammers , obscene websites , cyber bullying . Thus , a good digital citizenship will be vigilant while using the internet as while the internet is a wonderful technology which allows us to share ideas easily , find out more about things , etc. , there is also a very dangerous side of the internet which i have just mentioned . A good digital citizen will avoid these dangers to make his experience using the internet safer , and more enjoyable .

    What should i do to be an exemplary digital citizen ?
    As i am on the internet , i must remember that i am not the only one there .
    I need to remember to respect others , respect myself , and respect the law .
    Next , i must have good social/digital etiquette - i should not type in full caps as it "virtual screaming"
    , i must never tell anyone except for my parents my passwords , etc .

    4 Fundemental rules that the class must follow at all times to be a good digital citizen
    1) Never reveal passwords to your LD , email etc , not even to your best friend (parents are alright)
    2)Have self control when using LD , ie. when at home , do not use for many hours without having breaks - have eye breaks every 1 hour , do not use the LD for too long too .
    3)Always do things at your own discretion - think before you act and do not do any reckless things
    4) Never meet up with someone you met on the internet in real life because that person may be out to kidnap you or do bad things to do .

  20. ugh my comment was too long i will have to break it up

  21. Part 1 , question 1
    What is the most important values to me ? Why ?
    I don't really think that any of them are the most important to me . That is because i think that all of them are equally important . Respect is important to be mutual as without respect , students will not even do the most basic thing in class - listen to the teacher . Respect from the teacher to the students also have to be present as without respect , the teacher won't care about the students opinion . Respect is actually a core value that i think that most students should have from the start as we should have respect for our parents and any authority . Responsibility is the next R . Responsibility is to be accountable for something . This R is also very important as now we have our LD's and with this new element introduced in our school life , responsibility will have to take a large role as we have to be accountable for our LD's and the data that is downloaded/ stored onto it . We must be responsible enough to know what data is being stored , so that data that we do not want there will not be stored unknowingly by us and we will not get into trouble with the school . Also , when you become a leader , you assume many other responsibilities like your group members etc. Lastly , we have to be responsible for whatever homework given to us and we must make sure that is completed and handed in on time . Thirdly , we have Relationship. Relationship must be maintained between between many people . Your teachers , your friends , your relatives , but most importantly our family . A strong relationship between our family and us is required to maintain trust between our parents and us , a healthy relationship with siblings must be kept to prevent quarrels and so on and so forth . With the LD , we will definitely spend more time on it , reducing the time we used to have with our family , thus , we have to remember to set apart some time for spending with our family to maintain healthy relationships . Last but not least , Reflection. Reflection is certainly very important to improve on what we have done and to think back on what we have done . Just to provide an example , i recall during the S1 orientation which ended recently , we had an reflection on the 2 night which i thought was one of the best reflections i have ever had . We talked about what we thought we did well , what we did badly , areas we can improve , how we can improve and how the student leaders could improve . I remember commenting on kimberly's behaviour (no offence kimberly) and after that , 2 other girls also commented about her behaviour too . I thought that it was a great reflection because we weren't afraid to speak our minds even though it may hurt the other person . Im glad that kimberly took the advice well and i felt that we really got together as a class to reflect well. And the next day , truly , we performed better as a class .

    What are the things that irked me so much ?
    I didn't like it when people were talking when other people were talking . We had many instances during the S1 Orientation where we had a single person voicing their opinion , then suddenly someone else would also tell his/her idea or opinion , then more people would add on , causing total chaos with people getting louder and louder , hoping that other people would hear their ideas . That really irked me off but after the reflection that i mentioned above , we had less of that instance by getting people to raise their hand before speaking instead of shouting .

  22. Question 1 , Part 2 :)
    How can I be someone that exemplifies a good student of SST ?
    Firstly , you need to display all the 10Cs as its one of the main core values drilled by SST . This is important as the 10Cs are the 10 competences in the 21st Century that every student will not only need to succeed in school , but in the real world too . Next , you will need to have good moral values/character . What use is intelligence if you do not have good values ? I mean , if an excellent burglar had the right values , he wouldn't use his intelligence to burglar
    houses as a burglar would need to plan and think of creative ways to rob the house . Instead , if he had good character and values , he would use his intelligence to maybe think of creative ways to keep a house safe from burglars . So in the end , moral character is very important . In SST we have the 4Rs, but included in the schools values "Building an empowered community" which aims to build our lives and other peoples lives , live with shared values with a sense of efficiency and a desire to improve . Lastly , a good student would aim for SST's mission " To Develop World-ready and Future-looking Leaders through Innovative Technology and Applied Learning" .

    How to make S104 an awesome teaching and learning space?
    I think that the the student-teacher relationship has to be very strong , almost till the teacher becomes a friend , one that you can turn to when you need help . In addition , our students will need to be very united to achieve an common goal . Lastly , students must obey the teachers instructions at all times .

    What do you expect to see in a great teacher?
    I expect to see what i mentioned in the earlier point - a strong relationship between the teacher and students , a teacher who can be firm , but still be able to relax a bit and have fun , a teacher who can make lessons engaging and give every student a chance to voice out their opinions , and a teacher who really cares for their students . That , is what i expect to see in a great teacher .
    That was long ! Thanks for reading XD :)