Saturday, 4 May 2013

Announcement (Post Exam)

Please note the following announcements:
.1 Post exam lessons
Lessons will resume as per normal so please comply to the normal time table until further notice.

.2 Class Photo taking session
Please note the date, time and venue. You have to be in your most awesome self that day.
Date:  20 May 2013
Time: 1.30 - 1.45
Venue: Foyer

.3 Involvement in Open House (1 June 2013 - Saturday)
Some of you have been identified by respective teachers to assist with the various programmes (seems like S104 is much sought after).
I need volunteers for the following programmes:
.a Mathematics booth
.b ambassadors for the day (may work in shifts)
.c Kenric and Yu Hin I have put you down for Digital Citizenship - please check if you are available? (may need to rope in others)

.4 ICT/EL Service programme to Primary school
Date: 3 - 4 June (almost whole day and will be confirmed later)
objective: to teach the primary school students proper communication in english using suitable ICT tools (eg. Glogster, i-movie etc)
Some of you have indicated interest earlier but we do need more support. Can one of you take charge and report to me please?

.5 Mathematics Olympiad (4 June - am)
Those selected please take note.

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