Monday, 22 April 2013

Appreciation - CE

This video is about determination and support system.
Determination -- the process in achieving the goal.
Support system -- in order to reach the destiny it is important to get the necessary help.

Please answer the questions below that follow and post as comments:

Key Questions:

  1. What are the messages evident in the video? Identify at least 2.
  2. Reflect on you personal goal(s) and give a statement on 'what you aim to achieve at the end of your SST journey?'
  3. Now give a word of encouragement to 2 students in the class to spur them to greater heights. The format is as follows:

[Student1's name: 'words of encouragement]
[Student2's name: 'words of encouragement]


  1. 1.We must persevere to reach our goals and never give up because your goal may just be in your reach but you do not know it. Also we must learn to encourage others to reach their goals to make our lives meaningful to them.
    2.I aim to achieve the best that I can do for 'O' levels and gain as many experiences and friends as possible. I hope to leave SST with people remembering me as a kind and funny soul that is a great friend.
    3. You are awesome at soccer and math. Keep up the good work. To BG

    You are smart and funny. Never change your awesome personaiity. To Sean

    1. To BG: you are god at soccer and Math, keep up the awesomeness.
      To Sean: You are smart and funny. Never change your personality.

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  3. Q1. "To Never Give Up" and "Strive for your goals no matter what kinds of challenges are thrown at you"
    Q2. I aim to get good results, great memories, and strong bonds by the end of my SST journey.

  4. 1. The message was to show/ tell people that we must not give up easily and persevere all the way.
    2. I feel that my personal goals were quite self-centered. I hope that all students in SST can progress to either Poly or Junior College.
    3. The person I would like to encourage is Hong Yi.
    My words to you are: Believe, Confidence and Hope.

  5. 1.We should never give up no matter what and we should be there for those that need someone to be there.
    2.That I will be a friendlier and more sociable person and that I will be able to work with everybody.That I will be able to study hard and stay focused,not to get distracted.
    3.Kenric: Though it seems like secondary school life is very busy,stay positive and enjoy the happy moments of life. :D

  6. 1 - Never give up.
    - Persist to the end.
    2. At the end of my SST journey, I hope to be more determined in what I do. No matter what happens, I will not be fazed.
    3. Sabrina: Keep up the good work! Your awesome! :D
    Kimberly: Good luck in everything that you do :)

  7. 1. We must persevere and not give up easily.
    2. I aim to get good results and build up my character.

  8. 1. -Keep going on no matter what happen.
    -encouragement gives someone energy to go on.
    2. I aim to be nicer to people and to work better with others.
    3. Bryan Goh: You are very smart and if you put in effort in whatever you do, you can accomplish it. ^_^
    Yu Hin: You are great in everything you do. You just need to be a little more hardworking. ^_^

  9. 1. We should never give up. We should always stand at a person's side when he/she will need help.
    2. I aim to learn important skills to use in my life and make more true friends.
    3. Takashi Komuro (Chester): Continue to be an awesome otaku (work hard for your academics too)!
    Kenric: Continue to be an awesome alto and lets work hard together to form the acapella!

  10. 1. (a) We must never give up. We must determine and persevere against all odds there will always be a reward on the other end.
    (b)It is important to help one another. Words and actions of encouragement will go a long way.

    2.I wish to end my SST journey full of positive experiences as well as a better understanding of the world.

    3. (a) Yu Hin : Good luck in your studies, you will need it.
    (b) Kenric : Stay happy and do not let your studies get you too stressed.

  11. 1. To persist and not give up
    2. Not just be successful academically but also to be a better person .

  12. 1. What are the messages evident in the video? Identify at least 2.
    - The messages are: 1. Never give up and persevere. 2. Determination and motivation are the keys to success.
    2. Reflect on you personal goal(s) and give a statement on 'what you aim to achieve at the end of your SST journey?'
    - My personal goal has already been achieved as I am already in SST. I hope that I can be the top student in SST and excel in all my subjects!
    3. Now give a word of encouragement to 2 students in the class to spur them to greater heights.
    To Taufiq:
    Some words of encouragement? Just a few of my favourite quotes will do!
    “When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place.” – Unknown

    “If one dream should fall and break into a thousand pieces, never be afraid to pick one of those pieces up and begin again.” – Flavia Weedn

    “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill

    “You must do the think you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
    To Awesome S1-04: Motivation can help each and everyone one of us to succeed. Even if you feel like falling down, never, I MEAN NEVER BACK DOWN!

  13. 1. Determination , the importance of a strong relationship with other people and appreciation.
    2.I hope to maintain good grades throughout my SST journey and continue to be in the better classes in SST.I hope to have established good relationships with my peers , teachers and maybe even get a position in the SC or the PSB as that would be really awesome. I hope to leave SST with awesome 'o' level scores and return to the ACS family. Lastly , i hope to leave a positive lasting impression on my juniors , teachers etc to make SST an even stellar school.
    3.[Hong Yi: Hong Yi , this may seem really mean or something , but i hope that you wont take offense to this, I hope that you can become more mature and will really learn some of these social ethos so that you wont be so random (but randomness it hilarious too) , just not too much. :) All the best ! ]

    [Yu Hin: Go on , and ba awesome. I wish you all the best in your Littlebits venture. Study hard , and continue to be a awesome friend :) L^2 LOL]

  14. 1. The term 'never give up' and strong sense of determination and persistence is evident in the video. We must persevere on and not turn back to succeed. Displaying encouragement is also evident in the video. We should encourage a friend whenever they feel like giving up.
    2. I wish to learn a lot of things not taught in other schools and do well academically.
    3. Nehal: All the best in your work! You're doing great :)
    Myat Noe: Be awesome, and CHIONG ALL THE WAY!!! :D Work hard never back down :)

  15. 1. We must persevere till we reach our goal, and never give up halfway.
    2. I really want to achieve good grades and I want to be a good daughter and want to make my parents proud of me in whatever I do.
    3. Kimberly: You are a really kind girl. :) Hope you succeed in life! :D
    Lynette: All the best in whatever you do!! :D

  16. 1. -Never give up
    -You have a choice
    2. I aim to improve on my leadership and teamwork skills and confidence in speaking.
    3. Ryan: I hope you do well for your robotics and academic results. Remember not to give up and stay strong! Also, take care of yourself... Don't try to 'ninja' then hurt yourself again. :P ~BGroxxisninja~
    Qayyum: You have confidence when you present something during lessons and I really admire that fact but I hope you can have as much confidence soccer-wise. Don't always think that you'll pull the team down and all and NEVER have the "warm the bench" mindset. If you really think that you'll pull the team down and stay on the bench, don't you think you should train more and prove your worth? Remember: Training is an important factor, but confidence is equally as important.

  17. 1. Never give up. Encourage instead of discouraging others.
    2. I aim to be more confident.

    Words of encouragement
    Chester: Pay attention, work hard and score well. You can do it. 加油! XD
    Timothy: Pay attention, listen to others and not be overconfident (you know what I mean). 加油! (Chinese again lol XD)

  18. 1. You have many options during cases like these. Choose wisely. Follow your dreams and never give up.
    2. I aim to find how to have an excellent character with humility, care and an aspiration.


    Hong Yi- You probably know what I want to say, but nevertheless, don't back down from what you do. Strive for excellence. You are my friend and will always be. Remember, keep focused in everything you do.

    Sean- Doesn't matter who or what is against you, I will be there. Stay strong

    Taufiq- Stay happy and forgiving. Whenever necessary, remember: forgive and forget.

    Beverly- Keep up your great energy! Stay strong in your studies!

    Timothy- Keep being bubbly and kind! Kindness goes a long way.

    Nehal & Chelsea- Keep up the good attitude in everything you do! Soon, you guys will strive, even in sports!

    Kai Cheng- Being the first person I met in school, my friendship to you cannot break. I hope it doesn't. Keep a cool mind and lead your days anger free. That way, life will pass easily.

    Xue Qin- Hypar as always, your energy never fails to impress me. Your positive outlook in life really inspires others to be positive. Keep it that way :D

    To those that I forgot to mention as there were too much: YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME~ JUST THE WAY YOU AREEEEEEEEE :D

    Peace off

  19. 1.
    - Don't give up. Giving up on your dream is the same as giving up on yourself
    - To someone, a person who gives a person in need of encouragement, it may seem like no big deal and stuff, but to that person, it means a lot.
    I aim to create good memories, be more confident in myself, get good grades for my exams and stuff. xD
    Chelsea~~~~~ :D Study hard horh. :D Continue being awesome like meh~~ ;)
    Myat Noe~~~~:D Study hard too. :P Play hard also. xD