Monday, 18 February 2013

20130218 (I) Character Education & Digital Citizenship Programme

What it means to be Digital Citizens? 

Activity 1A (LD down)
Watch the following video and post your responses as comment to the questions that follows


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Activity 1B - It's your turn

Reflection Questions 1 (Post as comments)

  • What does it mean to be a digital citizens or netizens
  • Do values like respect and responsibility exist in Cyber space? Why?


  1. it means to me to utilise the web as a source to broadcast your thoughts and all you want that won't harm others. number2, i believe that those values are there but are much less than the real world. i believe they are there because people are still aware of the feelings of those listening to them or looking at what you type.

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  3. 1. It means that we have to be responsible about what we post and think about how others would feel before we post something.
    2. No and yes. No because some people can be anonymous and hence others don't know who that person is and may hurt the viewer. Yes because some take responsibility for their commments, posts and what they download.
    -Kimberly Tan, 08

  4. Kenric S1-04 (22)

    1. It means being responsible and respectful users on the internet.
    2. Yes. We should respect everyone on the cyber space and not flame, spam or commit cyber bullying. If we do not dare to say it in their face, why say it online? Everyone is equal and deserve respect.

  5. 1) It means to use the internet appropriately and not to abuse it.
    2) Sometime it does. For some people, they uphold those values, but some people abuse the internet.

  6. 1. Being a digital citizen or netizen means we are users of the internet, regardless whether we use the internet on the computer or phone, or any other devices.
    2. Yes. We have to show respect to people as they may feel offended if we say something without realising we are hurting them. We have to show responsibility by protecting our personal information and not telling people we do not know our personal information.

  7. 1)A digital citizen is a person who frequents or uses the internet or any electronic device. It isa person who must be careful of what they are doing in the internet , be wary of what they post , upload etc and always observes values like respect.

    2) Values like respect and responsibility exists in cyber space. This is because you are interacting with other people and even though you are interacting with them through internet , it is no different than compared with interacting with them in real life and all the social ethos than applies to real life would also apply to the cyber space. If you dont respect have these values when using internet or in cyber space , people will not like you and they too will react to you without values too.

  8. 1. What does it mean to be a Digital Citizen of Netizen?
    Being a Digital Citizen or Netizen is to obey the rules on the internet, & to post or do the right thing,
    2. Do values like Respect & Responsibility exist in cyber space? Why?
    I believe they do. When we do something online, it is public. Everyone can see it, & if you post something that is directed to them or they think is directed towards them, it might hurt their feelings. Therefore, we must respect other people online to. We have the responsibility of reflecting & thinking twice before do something.

  9. 1) It means that we must respect others when using online platforms and do not post anything offensive to hurt others.

    2)Yes, values do exist in Cyberspace. If we do not have any values, people can just post anything on online platforms, even those that are offensive to others and may hurt their feelings and may affect their lives. With values, we can go online happily without fear of your feelings being hurt

  10. To be a digital citizen or a netizen means that we must respect everyone on the internet. We must not be rude to anyone online.
    Values like respect and responsibility do exist in Cyber space. If it does not exist, it would be haywire as there must be respect and responsibility when we are connecting with the cyber world.

  11. Activity 1B questions1:
    what does it mean to be a digital citizen or netzen?
    Being a digital citizen or a netzen means that you are responsible for whatever you put onto the internet, including pictures, videos, texts etc. It also means that you respect each other's privacy, not posting people's secret onto the internet, or even uploading copyrighted materials online without permission.

    Do values like respect and responsibility exist in Cyber space?why?
    Only some users of the internet have respect for others and responsible for whatever they post online. Many users of the internet made illegal sites or making accounts on social networks under the name of other people without permission. Many users also posts people's secrets onto the web, hurting people's feelings, and also threatening others. This is cyberbullying, and an action of lack of responsibility and respect.

  12. - It means to not intentionally spam or hurt others intentionally on the internet; and think before posting anything unwise.
    - Respect and responsibility do exist in Cyber space as there are still mature people who do not post hurting or criticising comments on posts, unlike a handful. They do respect some people and are responsible for what they themselves posted.

  13. It means to use the internet or social networking sites. Values like respect and responsibility exist in Cyber space because what you post can be seen by others and and if you post an offensive remark, other people may feel insulted.

  14. 1) It means to be citizens online, just like we are citizens offline.
    2) Yes. Without respect, people might offend others and it might eventually lead to quarrels offline. Without responsibility, it would make hacking into our accounts easier as we might have accidentally given out our passwords. Thus, it is extremely important to exercise values like respect and responsibility in Cyber space.

  15. What does it mean to be a digital citizens or netizens
    It means to use the Internet in appropriately.

    Do values like respect and responsibility exist in Cyber space? Why?
    Sometimes. Some people uphold these values, but others don't.

  16. 1. A good digital citizen knows that they should treat others online like how they would like to be treated. They would think before they post anything online to prevent posting anything inappropriate.

    2. Yes. We should respect others in Cyber Space and treat others online like how they would in real life. We should be responsible by avoiding going to any offensive/inappropriate websites.

  17. 1. Digital Citizenship is a concept which helps teachers, technology leaders and parents to understand what students/children/technology users should know to use technology appropriately.
    2. Thankfully, most of the times it does. But there is a small amount of people who do not have values like respect and responsibility and end up hurting other people's self-esteem, making them suicidal.

  18. 1.It means to be able to use the internet responsibly and not misuse the internet to be mean to people or to bully them.We should not post any inappropriate photos or comments.
    2.Yes,if we do not respect others,and post comments that hurt others it is considered cyber-bullying which is the same as bullying and we are not showing respect towards them. Also if 1 person does this others may think that this is "fun" and join in,and the person that is being bullied would feel hurt.Also we need to be responsible and set a time limit for ourself so that we will not go overboard and become addicted also this may affect our studies.

  19. It means to be an active internet user that keeps up to date with the current events through the internet just like we are active citizens of Singapore.

    Yes they do, but not everybody uses these rules which can lead to squabbles on the internet.

  20. a. It means people who use the Internet to communicate with others online.
    b. Yes. Responsible netizens respect other netizens' views or opinions. They take responsibility of what they do on Cyber space.

  21. 1.To be a digital citizen or netizen means that we are part of a larger community and should be respectful of others rights.

    2.It exists as cyberspace is like any community. So we have to respect others so as to ensure that peace is maintained. Things also spread at a faster pace in cyber-space as everyone can see your public posts.

  22. To be a digital citizen is to obey all rules on the internet and to do the right thing.

    I believe that such values exist because we need to respect others and be responsible in whatever we do in the digital world. When you do something online, it is public,so we have to be aware of what we do in the cyber world.

  23. a. To be a digital citizen or netizens means users of the internet to communicate online with others.

    b. Yes. They do exist in cyber space. Most people would think twice before sending a message but there is just a small amount of people who think it is funny to taunt others without realising that this would hurt their feelings.

  24. 1) It mans to behave appropriately, like how we would when we are face to face with our Audience.
    2) Yes, they do exist. They exist so that any form of disrespect, such as cyber-bullying is cut down greatly. As for responsibility, we have the responsibility to use the computer appropriately.