Thursday, 7 February 2013

Homework for 7 February

For class:

1. ADMT - Video (view on edmodo for further information)

2. Integrated Humanities - Look at the images that you uploaded into the E-Journal and find out the 'hidden meaning' behind it

3. S&W worksheet - Due tomorrow

4. Do page 5 and 6 of the Science Transport in Humans worksheet

5. Self-edit english composition and print out the updated composition. Also, see Eng blog for instructions from Lynette

6. Decorate the piece of paper Kimberly gave us

For students taking Malay/Higher Malay:

1. Malay karangan - Pengalaman saya melakukan kerja kebajikan (Deskriptif)
- Due on 13 Feb

2. Do Malay karangan corrections - Do on google document and email cikgu latest by next week

Pls let me know if I missed out something. Thx! :D

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