Sunday, 13 January 2013

Awesome S104 Policy ( Edited)

Below is our S104 (AWESOME!!!) policy.

We aim to be the most AWESOME class by, ...
1. we MUST submit our assignments, projects on time. RESPONSIBILITY
So that ALL students have an EQUAL as well as MAXIMISED learning opportunities. ;)

2. We must put in our very best in each assignment. Each assignment MUST be better than the previous assignment. If otherwise, we will do REFLECTION.
So that EVERYONE knows and learns from his or her mistakes and NEVER repeats the same mistakes again.:D

3. By the end the first month, EVERYBODY has to display the 4'R's -Respect, Responsibility, relationship and reflection.
As well as the values the school has drilled into us; Community, Dynamism, and Resilience
So that we get REALLY GOOD reports from teachers talking about positive things as well as succeed in being the MOST AWESOME class. And NOT to receive complaints from teachers. 

4. Our behaviour:
             - Not childish, AND display a sense of MATURITY
             - WILL uphold the excellent name of our class (because we are awesome)
             - We maintain EXCELLENT & POSITIVE RELATIONSHIP 
             - Display RESPECT to the teachers and seniors and staff or ANY member of the SST community and not give them a chance to complain against us. (EVEN members of public)

4.We must, of course and MOST certainly, 
                                       BE THE MOST AWESOME CLASS!!! Go Columbus!!! 

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