Tuesday, 1 January 2013


by Mr Johari

Objectives of Orientation Programme

    • To introduce and familiarize the freshmen to the new school
      • To introduce SST vision, mission, values and goals.
      • To help freshmen settle into SST environment.
    • To foster a sense of belonging to the school through class bonding
      • To build class spirit and rapport with Form Teachers.
      • To help freshmen get to know their classmates.
    • To develop a sense of responsibility as a member of the SST community
      • Lay out expectations, school rules and policies, including those related to cyberwellness.
    • To develop personal effectiveness and inter-personal skills
    • To introduce parents to SST and help to induct them into the community

Theme of 2013 Orientation Programme

To go where no one has gone before.

Background Information

In the year 2012, Humanity had just discovered a method of safe transport through interstellar space. Humans, reckless as ever, immediately used these means to explore space, without any idea of the dangers that awaited them. Coincidentally, on the 21st Dec 2012, an extraterrestrial pandemic broke out, inflicting many alien lifeforms, and, more severely, humans who, to the aliens, were complete newbies in space. Helpless, desperate and in a world completely foreign to them, the depleting number of humans attempted to seek refuge only to find other alien lifeforms, at least those still surviving. They banded together, and combining their knowledge, managed to churn out an effective form of immunity against the pandemic. Having been dealt a heavy blow, the humans knew they could never hope to survive in space by themselves. To ensure the continuity of their species in this vast and unfamiliar world, humans then made treaties with the other alien life forms from other worlds and formed the Stellar Shield Technologica (S.S. Technologica), an alliance acting as the protectors of interstellar space.

S.S. Columbus
S.S. C

Nah Jie Yi
Tay Pei Shan
Choy Rui Zhi
Dylaine Ho 

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  1. I will miss the PSLs although I still have a chance of seeing them in school. XD