Thursday, 17 January 2013

Homework 17 Jan 2013

Things to bring and do
Arrange the 3 words and(your own) pictures to show their relationship . Use   pages and post your answers on the IE blog  . 3 words : Creativity  Invention Innovation. 
Describe innovation in words (not more than 20) and slogans , pictures , diagrams , formula , metaphor etc . for easy understanding . Find from youtube and innovation that fits your description. Submission deadline : by next tuesday, 9pm
Get a purple file for chinese
ADMT sketch and mindmap
corrections for chinese page 9 
Do textbook page 14 and read stuff 
IH Historical Resources document Identify sources
Bring some historical article to do with your family 
English obama speech homework 
Math blog square and square root . 
exam acknowledgement form 

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