Monday, 7 January 2013

S1-04 goals for year 2013

These GOALS are too broad and difficult to follow.
  1. Be the most awesome class
  2. Collaborate as much as we can during each project (as a class or group) 
  3. Perform the 10Cs well when discussing
  4. Have groups consisting of girls and boys
  5. Try to remember and understand what the 4 “R”s mean by end of year

Learn How to Set Goals
What would happen if you ran a race without knowing where the finish line was located? You might run in the wrong direction. Or you might never finish the race.
A goal is like a finish line. It's something you work toward. If you don't have a goal, you may not know where you're going or your actions may take you in the wrong direction.
A goal is something you decide to do. If you set goals for yourself, then you'll know where you're going and you'll work hard to get there. Having goals sets you on the path to make your dreams happen.
There are four steps to setting a goal:
  1. Identify your goal.
  2. Make a plan to reach your goal.
  3. Put your plan in motion.
  4. Decide if your plan is working.

Classroom Goals
Our ten goals this year come from the portion of the report card that deals with work skills, study habits, and citizenship.
1.   Begin work promptly                            6.  Do neat, careful work
2.   Complete work on time                         7.  Good classroom behavior 
3.   Work cooperatively                             8.  Good playground behavior
4.   Follow directions                                9.  Respect rights of others
5.   Listen attentively                             10.  Practice self-discipline